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The Ultimate Guide To YouTube Chapters

December 21, 2021

If you've heard of YouTube Chapters but don't quite get what they do, then you've come to the right place. This quick guide will explain what YouTube Chapters are and how to turn them on and use them. We will also explain how they're different than timestamps. This new feature on YouTube can improve your whole experience on the video-sharing platform!

Keep on reading to learn all about YouTube Chapters.

What Are YouTube Chapters?

YouTube Chapters are used to divide your videos into different sections, and each has its previews. Chapters will help your viewers by providing more context and helping them easily rewatch any part of your video. YouTube will automatically generate video Chapters when you enter timestamps in your video descriptions. The sections or chapters will be visible on the video's progress bar.

They can be very useful for education or any lengthy video. However, YouTube Chapters aren't good for music videos, comedy, film and animation, or entertainment-based videos. Chapters in such content can reduce your watch time and make you lose your audience's retention. As a result, your video will rank much worse on search engines, and you'll lose exposure.

How Are YouTube Chapters Different From Timestamps?

Timestamps are like a simplified version of chapters. They are mentioned in the description, and your audience has to go open video descriptions to rewatch the part they want. However, Chapters are shown in a format below the video – they include timestamps, chapter labels and duration of the chapter. They are much easier to navigate and make it easier to select a specific video section.

How Do I Add Chapters on YouTube Videos?

You first need to sign in to your YouTube channel, open any video you add Chapters to and click Edit Video. Then open its description box on the video’s Add Details page and add your timestamps list with titles. Lastly, click "Save," and that's it! You've got YouTube Chapters enabled.

How Do You Disable YouTube Chapters?

All you have to do is change the first timestamp to something else. For example, 00:00 to 00:05 (intro). When your first timestamp is not the very start of the video (00:00), YouTube Chapters cannot work.

YouTube Chapters Aren’t Working

There are various reasons why your YouTube Chapters are not working on any one of your videos. They can be:

  • A timestamp for video beginning (00:00) is not provided
  • One of the Chapters is shorter than 00:00:10
  • You entered timestamp codes with. rather than :
  • Your YouTube Channel has under 1,000 subscribers
  • You have an active copyright strike on your channel
  • You added less than 3 Chapters
  • Your timestamps are not chronologically listed
  • Inappropriate content in your video

Are YouTube Chapters Available In All Countries?

YouTube claims that YouTube Chapters work and are available in all countries. They are also available in all languages. However, you can only edit the Chapter text in your channel's language. The Chapters text cannot translate it, so it is best to use English if you have an international audience.


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