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How To Make Youtube Shorts: A Beginner's Guide

December 29, 2021

With the popularization of short video platforms such as TikTok, YouTube has introduced a new feature known as Youtube Shorts. While YouTube has democratized content accessibility, it provides absolutely no video producing tools. More popular producers may afford more costly shooting and editing equipment, but smaller artists must try harder to appeal to audiences with less resources. YouTube is now attempting to democratize video production via YouTube Shorts. Continue reading to learn more about what youtube shorts are and how to make youtube shorts on your own.

What Exactly Are Youtube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts are videos with a duration of fewer than 60 seconds. This is a whole different kind of content than typical Youtube videos. It implies that individuals interact with them in various ways. Shorts need significantly less engagement from viewers since they are so much shorter. Furthermore, Shorts are designed to be seen on mobile devices, although they may also be accessed on desktop and television. The best part is that there are no restrictions on making and publishing Shorts. So, even if you are a new user with a small number of subscribers, you can leverage the power of Shorts.

How To Make Youtube Shorts?

Since you've already learned about Youtube shorts, let's have a look at how to make Youtube shorts. Again, any vertical video under 60 seconds long may be posted as a Youtube Short. So you're free to make that 60-second video whichever you want. We'll go on how to make Youtube Shorts using the Youtube app and generate them with more advanced applications.

Tools for Creating YouTube Videos

Youtube provides a variety of options for making short videos. But, you are not needed to use these specific tools to create and publish your Shorts. There are two primary tools for creating Youtube Shorts:

  1. Shorts Editor - used for editing the videos, including adding filters and texts as well as the playing speed.
  2. Shorts Camera - used for recording videos.

Aligning Your Photo On Youtube Shorts

This innovative feature enables you to sync your next photo with the one you just finished filming. By doing so, you may have your image seem more smooth. So, after you’ve taken your first shot, stop recording. Then, click the Align button. The final frame from your last photo will then be displayed on the screen so you may match it up as precisely as possible; once you're in place, press Record.

This enables you to be highly imaginative with your photographs. You may alter your outfit or put anything on your face-let your imagination go wild. Once you've completed recording your Short, click the Tick button in the bottom right corner. Music may now be added to the video.

Adding Music To Youtube Shorts

On the lower left, click the Music option. When it comes to the YouTube Shorts music area, there has been both positive and negative criticism. The bad news is that you're only allowed to use 15 seconds in your film, and you can't choose where those 15 seconds go. The audio will only appear for the first 15 seconds of your clip if it is longer than 15 seconds.

You have the option of selecting a particular piece of the audio track to utilize in your video. So, after you've chosen a song, drop the button to the appropriate selection of audio and then press Done. Click the Loudness button to alter the volume of your original clip vs. the loudness of your audio track. Slide the switch until you get the desired balance. Now it's time to add text.

Inserting Text Into Youtube Shorts

To access the text choices, use the Text button or tap anywhere on the screen. Type your text, and you may change the:

  • Text style
  • Size
  • Color Background
  • Alignment

You may even control when various text boxes appear on the screen by switching to Timeline. To choose when the text shows, click and move the text length and position.

YouTube Shorts are a new way of watching and making video content on YouTube. On the other hand, the views and traffic are something to look at. Even with a bit of channel, it had tremendous effects. If you've been considering getting into YouTube or growing your existing channel, YouTube Shorts may be the way to go.


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