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Focus on Value and Keep Subscribers Coming Back for More

May 25, 2020

"Niche down and grow"

You've probably heard this phrase or a variant of this phrase before and for good reason, it's absolutely true. But, it can be challenging for creatives to lock into only one topic or type of content. A fear many creators have about the idea of adherence to a niche is rigidity. They imagine mindless content creation, stuck in a topic they've long grown tired over, repeatedly repeating the same topic over and over. This is a deep misunderstanding that prevents many aspiring YouTubers from finding success. Sticking to a niche helps you retain your viewers and subscribers, keeping them coming back for more. By sticking to a niche or topic, your viewers know what to expect from your videos both in terms of quality and content.

Focus on value instead

If you are struggling with finding or identifying your niche, just try to think about the topics you find interesting or your audience would find to be valuable. You then want to start focusing on this value. By thinking of your niche as a focus on value, you can also expand the range of videos you can produce.

Some examples of "expanding" your niche:

  • If you're focused on business or education content, try to keep your videos focused on the outcome that the viewer desires by watching this content, or the identity in terms of their profession or titles within the industry or their organization. This allows you to expand into more general productivity style videos
  • If you’re doing “Beauty Content” and you have been reviewing budget or drug store beauty products. Think about what value your viewers get from watching youre videos and how you can supplement it. For example, your viewers have gained knowledge about individual products from your reviews, but do they have information on how to mix and match products?
  • If you are doing “Gaming Content” and you could focus on a series of games, you could focus on the Lore of those games and also on the shared universe across franchise games.


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